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This a walking tour in Williamsburg, Brooklyn given every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12:00pm. Its length is approx. 2.5 hours and the price is $32.00 per person.
Come see what the buzz is about!


This small-group walking tour leads you through Brooklyn's hippest neighborhood of Williamsburg. Discover cutting-edge culture, fascinating history, and creative street art.


Experience Brooklyn's sights and culture on a relaxed neighborhood stroll. Over the course of 2 hours you will be immersed in a laid-back district of boutique shops, restaurants and restored lofts. You will walk the streets and take in a scene that's setting global trends. You will encounter innovative small-businesses, creative architecture, and vibrant street artwork. Additionally, you will be presented with a one-of-a-kind view of the waterfront and city skyline.


As you witness the phenomenon of Brooklyn, your guide will reveal its fascinating history. Learn about Brooklyn's heritage as a capital of immigration, manufacturing and beer brewing. Discover the story of its recent gentrification, and how its culture, identity and future are being shaped.


Listen closely for insider info about today's current events, like the Billion Dollar Sugar Scheme and the Mysterious Staring Artist. Also, long-forgotten historic tales, like the story of the brewer's offspring who scandalized a nation!

By the end of this walk you will have experienced the pulse of one of the most sought-after places in the world, and gained insight into its booming popularity. But most importantly, you will have discovered why Brooklyn is so much FUN!


Here are some things to experience on the tour:


Williamsburg is the hottest neighborhood in Brooklyn, and one of the trendiest districts in New York City. It is a hub of creativity celebrated for its innovative businesses, vibrant culture, abundant dining, and energetic nightlife. Its streets are filled with young, hip folks from around the world who have come to participate in the trending scene and local community.
On the tour you will take a stroll through the 'nabe and witness these street scenes for yourself...
street scene in williamsburg brooklyn


Williamsburg is brimming with culture, which plays a vital role in the fabric of the neighborhood.  Art is on display everywhere: from the walls of galleries to outside on fences and sidewalks. Underground urban fashion is defined by local independent boutiques and secondhand clothing shops. Innovative small businesses create an abundance of tasty food and artisanal craft products. And up-and-coming indie bands draw throngs of crowds to the area's music venues.
On the tour you will be immersed in this culture and experience the passion, creativity, and fun for yourself...

van covered in yarn art


Williamsburg acquired its status as a capitol of culture only in recent years. Like other sections of New York City it has undergone gentrification which transformed it from a desolate industrial streetscape. This urban renewal has revitalized the neighborhood by bringing energy and improved quality of life. But it has also brought controversy: as new developments are being built progressively larger and more expensive, there are critics who perceive them as a threat to the area's authenticity and character.
On the tour you will learn about gentrification, see its effects, and decide for yourself how you feel about the controversy...

highrise buildings on brooklyn waterfront


History & Brewing Heritage
Williamsburg and neighboring areas were once the capital of beer brewing in America, with over 45 breweries operating in Brooklyn. The breweries were established by enterprising immigrants who brought lager recipes with them over from Europe. Some of these men, who were of the wealthiest people in the nation, had first arrived in America penniless, without speaking a single word of English. 
On the tour expect to discover the story of Brooklyn's beer brewing legacy. Also, find out about the beer beauty ballot that was more important than the U.S. presidential election!

historic image of brooklyn

Street art

Williamsburg and neighboring areas are the center of a bustling graffiti and street art scene. The combination of its creative population and post-industrial landscape form a catalyst that breeds revolutionary artistic expression. Williamsburg's walls, storefronts, billboards, poles and sidewalks host all types of art, produced by artists both local and international.
On the tour expect to view creative street art, and learn about the quirky, ambitious artists behind them...

street art mural in williamsburg brooklyn

How the Tour Works

This is a public tour given every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12:00pm. It lasts approximately 2.5 hours and covers approximately 1.5 mile of walking distance.
The tour consists of a guided walk through the neighborhood in a small group. There are usually 2 indoor stops.
The meeting point is:
169 North 7th Street (between Driggs Ave and Bedford Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
[Meet in front]


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Private and Custom Tour

This tour is also available as a private or custom tour. It can be customized to suit your specific interests or needs, and scheduled for any time of your choosing. 

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