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These are questions frequently asked about the Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg:

When is the tour given?

The Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour is given every single day (7 days per week) at 3:00pm.

Can I reserve this tour with a tourist pass?

Yes, every type of tourist pass can be used to reserve this tour. (New York Pass, Explorer Pass, Sightseeing Pass).

How long is the tour?

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours.

How much walking is done on the tour?

The tour covers approximately 1.5 miles of walking distance. It is a fairly manageable amount of walking for the average adult, child over the age of 12, or healthy senior citizen. There are no age limitations on the tour, but you are encouraged to consider the walking ability and level of interest/attention span of a younger child.

Where does the tour meet?

The tour meets in a central location which is easily accessible by public transit or automobile. Here is the meeting place:

548 Driggs Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Between North 7th Street & North 8th Street

New York City

Meeting place is in front of 'Bakeshop by Woops!’ shop. It is a white storefront.

Is food included on the tour?

Although food is not included in the tour, there are many places to purchase a snack or drink nearby. Also, after the tour your guide will be happy to recommend some of the area's abundant dining options.

What should I bring to the tour?

The following are suggestions for what to bring to the tour:


-Snacks or bottled beverages

-Comfortable attire and shoes appropriate for the day's weather (tour runs rain or shine)

-Sunscreen (if summer or sunny)


How should I dress for the tour?

We suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothing; and comfortable, athletic footwear. We advise that you check the day's weather in advance and prepare accordingly, as the tour runs rain or shine. Weather conditions are capable of fluctuating within a short period of time.

Where does the tour end?

The tour ends in the vicinity of the meeting place. It is a short walk back to the meeting place and subway - to which your guide will be happy to provide simple directions.

Is the tour appropriate for children?

This tour has no age restrictions, but is recommended for ages 12+, as mature topics may be referenced. Please consider your child's attention span, and capacity for walking, if you are considering bringing them on the tour. Please be aware the tour covers up to 1.5 miles of walking distance.

How many people will be on the tour?

Group sizes vary; it will generally not have more than approx. 20 people.

Does the guide accept tips?

Tips are appreciated, if you enjoyed the tour, but never required.

What happens if it rains?

The tour runs rain or shine. We advise checking weather conditions in advance, and preparing accordingly.

Is the tour available privately?

Yes, it is also available as a private or custom tour. The tour can be personalized and scheduled for any time of your desire.

More about private & custom tours

Is the tour available in other languages?

The tour is currently available in English only. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and we recognize that English can be difficult for many visitors. We are thankful that you are willing to try and communicate with us in English.

How do I get to Williamsburg?


Williamsburg is a 10 minute subway ride from Manhattan. Take the L line to Bedford Avenue station. It is 3 stops from Union Square, where you can transfer from several other subway lines (N, Q, R, 4, 5, and 6).

The meeting point is just a few paces from the subway exit.


Street or metered parking can usually be located in a reasonable manner. However we advise planning to arrive by at least 30 minutes before start time to secure a parking space and make your way to the meeting point.

Please be aware there are often road repairs and street closures in the city, especially on weekends. Please anticipate potential delays and plan accordingly by giving yourselves extra travel time. We will be happy to provide more detailed driving directions - simply call us (beforehand) at +1 (866) 431-5393.

Here are driving directions to the meeting point:

Eastbound (from Belt Parkway, Verrazzano Bridge, Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, or Williamsburg Bridge):

   -Take the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) Eastbound to Exit 32 / Metropolitan Ave

   -Merge onto Meeker Ave - this is the eastbound side

   -Turn left onto Union Ave (approx. 1000 feet)

   -Take an immediate left onto Meeker Ave (approx. 50 feet) - this is the westbound side

   -Turn right onto North 6th St. (approx. 500 feet)

   -Proceed straight 4 blocks to Bedford Ave (approx. 0.3 miles)

   -Turn right onto Bedford Ave

   -Proceed one block to North 7th St. (approx. 200 feet)

   -Turn right onto North 7th St. 

   -169 North 7th St. will be on your left (approx. 75 feet)

Westbound (from Triboro Bridge, Grand Central Parkway, Queensboro/Ed Koch Bridge, Queens-Midtown Tunnel, or Long Island Expressway)

   -Take the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) Westbound to Exit 32B / Metropolitan Ave.

   -Merge onto Meeker Ave

   -Turn right onto North 6th St. (approx. 500 feet)

   -Proceed straight 4 blocks to Bedford Ave (approx. 0.3 miles)

   -Turn right onto Bedford Ave

   -Proceed one block to North 7th St. (approx. 200 feet)

   -Turn right onto North 7th St. 

   -169 North 7th St. will be on your left (approx. 75 feet)

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