Artisanal Food in Brooklyn


Prepare to delve into a world of extreme culinary satisfaction.

Chocolate, ice cream, cheese, pickles, dumplings, rock candy, saltwater taffy and apple pie are just a few of the mouthwatering delicacies being served by Brooklyn's burgeoning artisanal food scene. An array of entrepreneurs dedicated to the art of fine crafting ensures top treatment for your taste buds!

On a trip to Brooklyn, journey through a range of shops and markets to experience the finest, most delicious tastes the borough has to offer. Many of these goodies are produced locally by independent businesses that value quality as their top priority. The food is painstakingly prepared in small batches using only the finest, healthiest, and locally-sourced or organic ingredients.

The result? A culinary revolution.

Here are some of the tastes to experience:



Willy Wonka's got nothing on Brooklyn! Choca-holic bliss is the product of pioneers who have introduced "beans-to-bar" production to the borough. Raw cacao beans are lovingly roasted, ground and molded on-site, then hand wrapped into bars of sheer sugary ecstasy. But don't fill yourself up, because we've got lots more yummy stuff to sample!

mast brothers chocolate in brooklyn



They say patience is a virtue. That's definitely proven true with these aged cheeses. Choose from a variety of textures, intensities and milk types to discover your favorite. Break bread (or crackers) on the cheese selection, or take some home to enjoy with wine.

Cheese shop in Brooklyn


Ice Cream

You're gonna want extra sweet scoops of this cold confection! Only the finest natural ingredients go into Brooklyn's top ice creams, which are carefully prepared in small batches. Vegans need not feel left out: it's available your way, too. 

vendor at brooklyn flea


Food Trucks

They're not just for frozen yogurt anymore. Food trucks now traverse Brooklyn offering an array of delicious selections: crepes, cheese steaks, pizza, grilled cheese, tamales, belgian waffles and more. Their locations are broadcasted online so the closest one can be located at any given time.

food truck in williamsburg, brooklyn


Weekend food fairs

Weekends are a good time to be a foodie in Brooklyn. Culinary artisans, food trucks and home-based crafters gather to make all their delicacies available in one place. The selection offered by the dozens of vendors will please even the most sensitive food critic. Food fairs are usually located in our more popular tour neighborhoods, so they can be a refreshing stop during an afternoon of touring Brooklyn.

Shmorgasbord brooklyn flea food market


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