Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour


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One of New York City's most famous icons, the Brooklyn Bridge is a top visiting destination for both tourists and locals alike.

On a Brooklyn Bridge Walk we cross the span from Manhattan to Brooklyn, admiring stunning views and learning about the bridge's history (stopping to take lots of photos, of course!) Once in Brooklyn we stroll through the quaint and historic brownstone neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, one of the borough's oldest areas. We also visit the promenade and enjoy its set of unique, sweeping vistas.

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Here are some of the things we learn about on the tour:

view of brooklyn bridge from williamsburg



In the early 1800's New York City and Brooklyn were both growing industrial cities, separated by a deep body of water known as the East River. Travelers commuting between the two cities were forced to endure a rough ride across the river by steam powered ferry. In the early 1860's a plan was devised to connect the two cities by bridge so the river could be accessible by foot and horse-drawn carriage.

The citys' leaders turned to a German immigrant named John Augustus Roebling who had previously designed several bridges around the country. What Roebling envisioned would be the largest bridge ever built, drastically bigger than any other span in the world. It would utilize a new technology called steel suspension, which had never before been used. Critics were skeptical of the new technology: they doubted it was physically possible to build a bridge so large, and predicted that it would not be able to support itself.

Roebling paid no heed to the critics and went ahead with the plans. Unfortunately, early in construction he sustained an injury that resulted in his death. The project was assumed by his son, Washington Roebling, who ended up falling victim to the hazards of construction as well. 

historic image of brooklyn bridge

In 1883, after 16 years, 600 workers, 24 deaths and a cost of what would be $320 million in today's currency, the bridge was complete. Standing a record 1595 feet long, it was instantly recognized as a city icon and source of pride. The skeptics were proven wrong and the bridge still stands strong today, supporting an average of 150,000 vehicles and pedestrians daily.

The Brooklyn Bridge became the catalyst that allowed both New York and Brooklyn to grow exponentially. The ease of access it provided between the two cities paved the way for New York to expand to its current size and incorporate Brooklyn as a borough in 1898.


Brooklyn Heights

On the tour we typically include the neighboring areas to the bridge. The picturesque neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights is one of the borough's most popular destinations. Its streets are lined with landmarked brownstones and family-owned shops. Famous residents include actors Paul Giamatti, Lena Dunham,and Mary Tyler Moore. One of the borough's oldest areas, Brooklyn Heights is where general George Washington stationed himself during the largest battle of the American Revolutionary War, which is known as the Battle of Brooklyn. Notable historic residents include playwrite Arthur Miller, African-American leader W.E.B. Dubois, and poet Walt Whitman.

carriage houses in brooklyn heights

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade overlooks downtown Manhattan, the New York harbor, Freedom Tower and Brooklyn Bridge. Its unique, sweeping views are perfect for photo-taking. On a warm evening it is a popular place to people-watch; as families, friends and couples stroll and enjoy each others' company. 

view from brooklyn heights promenade

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