Hire a Graffiti or Street Artist (NYC vicinity)


Commission a graffiti or street artist!

We arrange urban artists for any need, artwork or event.

Street art and graffiti have become increasingly more popular and accepted. Now the public is recognizing the extensive creativity and skill that goes into these artforms. Therefore, more and more folks want to get to know this misunderstood world better, and want to tap into the talent of these visionary creators.

We arrange street artists for all occasions. Here are a few exciting possibilities that we offer:

Murals - Beautify your space with an impressive work of urban art. Have a beautiful and hip mural painted on your wall, business, home etc. We can even do a vehicle! We will arrange experienced graffiti artists or street artists to create a wonderful masterpiece for you. The art will be customized for you; or you can let the artist conceive something nice for you. It can be designs, imagery, portraits, lettering or more. You can be hands-on with the design or let the artist ‘do their thing.’ They will have extensive experience on all types of surfaces or mediums.

Some common themes include: logos, NYC skyline theme, NYC subway theme.

We are experienced at offices (startup/tech/corporate).

Cost: (This is approximate only) $1000-1300 for an 10' x 8' wall. This is only an approximate, the cost can vary based on the details.

graffiti on wall
graffiti letters on wall

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Live Demonstrations/Interactive - Have a reputed graffiti artist come to your event. Impress your peers by introducing them to an authentic urban art practitioner, who will give insider insight into the growing street art movement. They can paint live for you and your crowd. Or we can set up an interactive activity where everybody gets to participate. A large artwork can be created or everybody can make their own small souvenir to take home. Great for bar mitzvah's, corporate events, parties, weddings etc. Here are a few options:

Example 1: the artist makes an outline and oversees each person fill in a small segment. Then the artist ties the artwork together at the end, and you get to take it home.

Example 2: each person makes a tag (spraying their name) on the canvas, and then the artist ties it all together and transforms it into a nice final artwork. Then you get to take it home.

Example 3: the artist provides a stencil lesson - overseeing each person cut their own stencil filter. Then the artist oversees them spray their stencil onto a small canvas which they take home.

Example 4: the artist customizes a stencil and then oversees each person spray it onto their own take-home gift (tote bag, book, etc).

Cost: (This is approximate only) $175 per hour, plus $250 for supplies. This is only an approximate, the cost can vary based on the details.

boy painting on wall
graffiti artwork

artist painting on canvas with brush
male artist spray painting


Workshops/Seminars - Experience a hands-on demonstration from an expert street artist. Learn the basic rules, techniques and tools of the trade.

More about our graffiti workshop lessons

children painting on canvas
woman painting on canvas


Filming/Casting - We will assist you with arranging or casting graffiti artists for any type of filming, television, etc.


Marketing/Advertising - We will assist you with a creative marketing campaign: branded murals, scavenger hunt, participatory engagement, etc

We can potentially arrange a wall(s) or location for your marketing campaign


Here are some artists to choose from

The artists have a broad range of versatility. These are just a sample - there are many other artists as well.


Artist AJL

mural of colorful tiger
painted picture of woman
mural of a lion
large artwork of of a tiger


Artist DMI

man with candles
mural of young girl
mural portrait of Eddie Murphy
large artwork of woman's portrait



Artist DMA

woman with magnifying glass
portrait Spike Lee
artwork of children peering through wall
painting of subway train in station



Artist RD

cartoon parent and child
cartoon cigarettes
artwork of cartoon woman holding mystical object
cartoon character urinating in bathroom



Artist VTI

mural on front of building
painted artwork on canvas in forest
graffiti piece on wall
spray paint mural on wall




Take advantage of this opportunity to score yourself a hot piece of artwork (or host a smash event); while supporting New York City’s creative artists. Your artist(s) will be respected and well-known in New York City and Brooklyn. Your artwork will come with ‘street cred’ and boasting rights. It’s a win-win!


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