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These are frequently asked questions about our Graffiti Art Workshop in New York City.


What is the minimum size group for a private lesson? What is the maximum size group for a private lesson?
There is no minimum or maximum. We can accommodate 1 person, and we can accommodate 80 people or more.


Can we keep the canvas?
Private lessons - yes, you keep the canvas. Public lessons - we typically offer the canvas to members of the group. We usually request a payment as compensation for the cost of the canvas itself, which is typically $10-20.


Are all supplies provided? Do we have to bring anything?
Yes, all supplies are provided by us. You do not need to bring anything.


What is the minimum age?
Any age is fine. Please be aware that every person present must have a ticket. An adult accompanying a child must have a ticket of their own. It doesn't matter if you will not be spraying - if you are present, you must be registered/paid. Also, no person under the age of 18 will be allowed unattended, without an adult. These policies are for insurance reasons and for practical reasons. Thank you for understanding!


What will we paint?
Private lessons - we will paint whatever you want (within reason)! This is customizeable and the artists are versatile with their abilities. They can accommodate practically any theme or imagery (within reason). Public workshops - the artist will dictate what will be painted. Usually it is a nice "New York City" or Brooklyn" theme.


Where do the lessons take place?
Public lessons usually take place in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Typically it is at an outdoor location nearby to the activity meeting place. Private lessons also usually take place in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, although we can do it at other locations too. By default the lesson will be outdoors. For an increased charge it can take place indoors instead. The cost for indoors can vary based on circumstances - we will inform you of the exact amount when you inquire.


What should we wear?
You should wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.


Will we get dirty?
We usually provide plastic aprons and gloves to wear. The vast majority of people who come do not get any paint on their clothing - although it does happen occasionally. Therefore we encourage you to wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.


Who will be leading the lessons?
The lessons are led by professional artists. They have extensive experience at urban art and spray painting.


What is the difference between a workshop and a lesson?
Nothing. They are exactly the same thing. We use both words to refer to the same thing.



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