General Policies

The following are our general policies:


Payment Policy

Public tours: all reservations are payable at time of booking.

Private tours: the payment policy for a private tour varies dependant on the size and nature of group, type of tour or activity, or transportation. Tours booked far in advance usually require payment or a deposit in advance. For smaller tours or those booked sooner in advance, payment will often be due on the day of the tour. The cost and payment policy for a tour will be specified upon initial contact. 


Cancellation, Refunds and Rescheduling Policies 

Our cancellation and refund policy is as follows:

Type of service Cutoff point for refund or rescheduling
Public tours seventy two (72) hours in advance
All other tours or services booked less than 30 days in advance seven (7) days in advance
All other tours or services booked more than 30 days in advance fourteen (14) days in advance


It is our policy not to issue a refund for any cancellation made after the cutoff point. All refunds are subject to processing costs. Any amount or portion already provided to a 3rd party as a deposit or payment for services related to the reservation will not be refunded. At our discretion we will make a reasonable attempt to recover the deposit and refund it if possible. 

Our policy for rescheduling a tour or service follows the same guidelines as our refund policy.

At our discretion and dependent on the circumstances we may choose to make an exception for a refund or rescheduling.


Weather Policy

Our tours and activities are conducted rain or shine. They are only canceled under conditions considered by us to be extreme; such as a heavy downpour, storm or blizzard. In the event we make the decision to cancel a reservation we will attempt to provide as much advance notice as possible, by telephone and/or e-mail. Refunds due to weather cancellation are only issued for reservations canceled by us. Customer cancellations due to weather are subject to our general cancellation policy. At our discretion and dependent on the circumstances we may choose to issue a partial or full refund.


Arrival Policy

Each of our public tours has a scheduled departure time. Guests are advised to arrive for check-in 10 minutes prior to departure time. The grace period for late arrivals is 5 minutes. After that the tour will not be held up for latecomers. Out of consideration for other customers we cannot hold up a tour for guests who arrive late. We advise checking local traffic conditions, street closures, weather forecasts, and/or public transportation schedules when planning your day. Once a tour begins our policy is not to allow latecomers to catch up or meet the group later on. This is out of consideration for other customers on the tour. Guests who are running late are advised to call us at least 30 minutes before departure time, which will enable us to see if we can work something out. For guests who arrive late and miss departure we do not issue refunds.


Age and Identification Policies

Some of our tours, activities or services have a minimum age which is required for participation. The minimum age is displayed on both our website and promotional material, and is usually also provided upon booking. Our age requirements are followed strictly and there are absolutely no exceptions. Government-issued photo identification is required for all adults, which must be presented before the departure of a tour or activity. If a guest cannot or will not furnish acceptable identification they will not be allowed to participate. A refund will not be issued if a guest is denied participation for this reason.


Conduct Policy

Participation in our tours or activities requires a general, decent level of conduct. The guidelines for decent conduct follow basic accepted "common sense" of the Western Hemisphere. This includes respect and consideration for fellow guests, guide(s), staff and all other people present. Obscene, profane or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Guests are expected to be sober and not under the influence of any substance. The guide and staff are responsible for leading the group, and guests are expected to follow their guidance and instructions. The guide and staff reserve the right to remove from the group any guest whose conduct or level of sobriety they deem inappropriate. The participation of that guest(s) in the activity will be terminated and we will have no further responsibility towards them. A refund will not be issued.

This has never happened!


Smoking and Pets Policies

Out of consideration for other guests, we respectfully maintain a no-smoking policy on our public tours. This is defined by a radius of 20 feet (6 metres) around all members of the tour group. A guest who needs to smoke may do so, at least 20 feet away from the guide or closest member of the group. We also do not allow pets, with the exception of registered dogs assisting with a physical disability (no Emotional Support).


Photo and Video Policies

You are permitted and encouraged to take photos on our tours or activities. Video or audio recordings are not allowed, however.


Substitution Policy

There are occasional times when locations, products, services, or food included in a tour or activity are not available. In such a case we will provide a similar, comparable, or equivalent substitution, as determined by us.


Waiver of Liability Policy

We have a Waiver of Liability which dictates the conditions of reserving or participating in our tours, activities or services. By booking a reservation with us you are accepting the terms and conditions of the Waiver of Liability. Additionally, we may also require the signing of a physical, printed waiver form before commencing an activity. If this is the case we will provide notice in advance. Signing the waiver will be required for participation in the activity and there are no exceptions under any circumstances. Our general refund policy applies to a customer who declines to sign a required waiver form.

View our Waiver of Liability


Privacy Policy

We have a privacy policy which we strictly adhere to.

View our Privacy Policy 


"Act of G-d" Policy 

 An "act of g-d" occurrence is a completely unforeseeable and unpreventable occurrence which hampers, limits or prevents the ability of a tour, reservation, or service from taking place. Examples of this include an unpreventable digital or mechanical failure, property damage, or accident. In the event of an "act of g-d" occurrence our general refund policy applies, regardless of circumstances. At our discretion we may choose to issue a partial or full refund.

We have never experienced an "Act of g-d" occurrence


Website Policy

We have a policy dictating the use of our website.

View our Website Policy



Updates to our policies will be displayed on their respective website pages.

If there are any questions regarding our policies you may contact us using the information below:
45-11 43rd Avenue #2C
Sunnyside, New York 11104
+1 (866) 431-5393


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